Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Series recommendation!

Hello, my friends! Long time to post, yeah?

Between editing Ex Factor, and recovering from a nasty bout of flu, I've been otherwise occupied, lol!

Being sick is never fun, however, it did give me a lot of time to read. As such, I've got a series recommendation for you today. Woot!!

Over the last couple of months, I've been primarily reading indie authors. And let me just tell you: I've found some new favorites. No joke, there are some rock star indie authors out there who are deserving of some serious love.

One of the authors I've been enjoying is Liz Reinhardt. She's penned the Brenna Blixen series (Double Clutch, Junk Miles, and Slow Twitch) which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The books follow female protag, Brenna Blixen, a high school teen who's just moved back to the states after a year long trip abroad with her parents. Brenna not only sports a fabulous sense of style, and a stubborn streak, she's goal-oriented, which leads her to attend both high school and trade school at the same time.

Enter Jake and Saxon.

Saxon is the hot, genius "Bad Boy" from her regular high school. There's an instant connection between Saxon and Brenna, but she fights it and resists his attentions at first.

Jake is the mega hot guy from Brenna's trade school. Like Saxon, Brenna has an immediate connection with him. A connection that sticks.

The books follows Brenna as she struggles with her feelings for both boys.

I read each of these books in a day, unable to put them down once I started. While I thoroughly enjoyed all three books, my favorite was Slow Twitch. There's a lot of angst in the series, which, imo skyrockets in book two.

These books are what I would classify Upper YA. The main characters are in high school, but they deal with heavy issues, and include sexual situations. Book three has the most hanky-panky, so if you're a parent considering these books for your younger teen, please be aware. I've got a seventeen year old daughter, and I think this book is totally appropriate for her age range.

Highly recommend!

 You can find more information about Liz Reinhardt, as well as her books at her Amazon author page.

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  1. thanks for the recommendations, Elisa! Adding this series to my TBR pile. Glad you're feeling better.


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