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What you should be reading: books you and your OLDER teen should enjoy

Happy Sunday, my lovelies!

I know in my previous post I told you that I've been writing. And I have. A LOT!

But, what I didn't mention was that any moment I wasn't working on my own story, I was reading. Yep, I'm a reader first and foremost and I have a TON of suggested reading for you today.

I want to preface these suggestions with a little warning: These books deal with tough, unpleasant situations, and some have sex in them. Each of these stories, I believe, hover within the realm of older YA and New Adult (so think age 17+). If I've included these suggestions here it's because they are books I'd allow my "older" teen to read. I would not give any of these books to a twelve or thirteen year old and say "have at it." The situations are too heavy and, in my opinion, inappropriate for younger teens. These are great books to share with an older, more mature teen because they can spark deep discussion, which, during a time of transition and readying to go off to college, join the work force, or move out on their own, is a good thing. So, take my suggestions and move forward accordingly :)

Woohoo!! Here we go:

Slammed by Colleen Hoover:

I don't want to get all spoilery with any of my suggested reads, so I'll try to keep my pimping short and sweet. This book has it ALL! Humor, angst, heartbreak, love, incredible friendship, devastating loss, and most importantly: fabulous writing. This is by far one of the best books I read in 2012 and I HIGHLY suggest you read it. Yes, there are some heavy situations in this book, so if you are super cautious about what you let your teen read, I suggest you read it first and then decide for yourself. I'm pretty liberal with what I let my oldest daughter read, and this is one I'm definitely pushing at her.

Point Of Retreat by Colleen Hoover:

This is the equally awesome, equally tear your heart out and piece it back together awesome sequel to Slammed. Same characters you've come to love, same amount of tragedy, and an "Oh my God, I can't believe it actually got worse for them" moment that will have you cursing and loving the author because it's so hard to get through, yet so brilliant at the same time. READ IT. READ BOTH. Have your older teen read these. Then sit down and have a lovely chat about them and bond. Seriously. Go do it now. You will butterflying thank me later :)

Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry:

Here's another rip you up and shred your heart into tiny pieces story. The horrific situations the author placed her two main characters in was heartbreaking and genius, just like Ms. Hoover above. Great writing, great characters… A MUST read.

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover:

Are we noticing a trend here? I hope so, lol. Ms. Hoover is now an automatic buy for me. Yep, her stuff is THAT GOOD. As much as I completely loved Slammed and Point Of Retreat, I think Hopeless killed me just a little bit more. The two main characters, Sky and Holder, were so captivating, and flawed, and wonderful, I found myself crying, and laughing, and texting my good friend with random "Oh my God! This book!" messages. I'm sure she thought I was crazy, and at the time I probably was. Crazy in love with this book. This is DEFINITELY NOT for younger teens as it deals with the issue of sexual abuse. My suggestion would be to read the book first because it should be enjoyed by adults, as well as mature teens, and then give it to your OLDER teen. This one will spark deep, serious conversation. There's nothing like bonding with your grown child over a great book, and this books is GREAT!

The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden:

I literally just read this, and I can't get it out of my head. To me, that's the mark of a great story: when a few days have passed since you've finished a book and you're still thinking about it and its characters. Much like the aforementioned stories, this book deals with some heavy issues: abuse, rape, bullying, etc. The abuse is shown in a graphic light, so that is something to be wary of before you hand this story over to your child. Though heavy and disturbing, the sad fact is that these are issues that many of our teens are suffering through this day and age and I believe this is not only a great story, but a good tool to use to talk with your older teen. I'm all for open conversation and equipping my children with knowledge. Especially if that knowledge will allow them to help someone in need.

I have a whole slew of books I want to share with you, but I'll leave you with these few today. Read, and enjoy!!

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  1. I loved the first three in your post so much that I need to get the fourth now! Colleen Hoover is WIN.


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