Friday, May 2, 2014

Introducing the Diamond Girls (Cast of characters from Ex Factor)

Hey, peeps! Happy Friday!

I thought it would be fun to introduce you to the main players in my Diamond Girl series. They're a fun group of girls who I've come to adore.

Without further ado, I give you my Diamond Girls:

Nev is the female lead in Ex Factor (book #1), and has a pretty hairy past for being only sixteen. She's suffered a tremendous amount of loss, but still manages to get up every day and keep on keeping on. She's a level-10 gymnast and the newest member of X-Factor's elite level-five Diamond Girl team.

Olivia "Livvie" Brown is Nev's cousin and a veteran Diamond Girl. Livvie and her mom took Nev in after tragedy befell her and are an amazing source of love and support. Livvie's a beauty blogger on Youtube and is the female lead in Unbreakable (book #2).

Erin Matthews is the first girl at Grant High to befriend Nev after she transfers in. She's sweet, popular, and pretty, and an expert base on the Diamond Girl team. For all her amazing qualities, Erin is a bit naive, and falls for the school's resident hottie manwhore, Eli Walker. Trouble ensues.

Claire Reilly is a lifer down at the X-Factor gym. Full of spunk and sass, she's center flyer on the Diamond Girl team, and the female lead in Defenseless (book #3). Claire's not afraid to speak her mind, which, at times, can get her into trouble. Oh, and she's got a weakness for guys with accents.

Tayla Rose is another X-Factor lifer. She's Claire's BFF, and a base on X-Factor's level-2 Sapphire team. Tayla towers over her friends at a whopping five-foot-ten, and has a beautiful head of fiery red hair, and a lovely spattering of freckles. Of the five girls, Tayla is the quietest.

Ex Factor just released with Swoon Romance and is available for $2.99 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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