Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Finding That Magic Thing

Hello again!

No, hell hasn't frozen over. I'm actually blogging. I spent the majority of last year away from this blog, exploring different ways of connecting with readers and fellow authors. I created and maintain a book vlog on YouTube where I vlog about all things books. You can find that here.

That being said, I'd like to start blogging again. I do have this lovely site all set up, and all. Lol!

Today I want to talk about author visibility. I've got a new release coming out in just a couple of weeks, and with the influx of new authors and the ease with which websites like Amazon have made it for people to publish their work, I find myself wondering how I will manage making my new release visible among the vast sea of books floating around out there.

Publishing, as far as my own personal experience has been, is all about timing. It's about getting your work in front of the right person at the right time. This holds true from the moment you send out your first query letter, to the dreaded wait you experience while your agent searches for an editor who will love your work, and again when you release your book baby into the world. Getting your story into the right person's hands at the right time is critical. And getting there? Well, that can sometimes be a battle.

I'm blessed to have found a wonderful agent who loves my work. She's a champion for my characters and found my YA trilogy a wonderful home with a wonderful publisher. I'm happy, honored, and thankful to have been able to realize a life dream. I published a series! Huzzah!

My battle has always, and continues to be: getting my books in front of readers. I'm a shy gal by nature. I may seem somewhat confident and chatty online, but make no mistake—I'm terrified of you. Putting myself out there, along with my work is a big step out of my comfort zone, but something that has reaped great rewards. Despite the fact that I've been writing and publishing for a couple of years now, I still feel like I'm missing something. That one "Magic Thing." That one piece of the puzzle that, once found, will help things fall into place for me and allow people to discover my books.

I follow the rules (and there are plenty) with regard to promotion and author behavior. I don't rant, or respond to reviews, and make sure I'm available on several different social media platforms to chat about books, life, and everything in between. That said, I AM a shy girl, and I sometimes feel like I'm missing the mark. I hesitate when asking for help, and worry myself sick when I do. I've got three very busy girls, so my time on social media is limited. The time I do spend promoting is very specific, and I often feel as though I don't get to connect enough, which hinders me in building connections and a readership. I've approached a handful of larger blogs, and vloggers (following proper protocol as far as asking for reviews, of course), and nine times out of ten hit a wall. I'm a small author, and my experience thus far has been the larger blogs and booktubers who garner the most attention when promoting, only promote big name authors. This, of course, leads me to wonder where that leaves me and my books?

There are definitely options out there which will help authors become more visible. If I had the money, I could hire a publicist who would pimp my series out to the world. But what do authors do for promotion when they don't have the funds to back a huge campaign? Where do they turn? Who do they connect with?  How do they/I, put themselves out there? That's the burning question I've been struggling with over the past year, and let me tell you: the struggle is real, people! Lol!

Leave a comment and let me know if you've had any experience with this particular struggle. Have you found the "Magic Recipe?" That one thing that helps you connect with readers on a more widespread level? I'd love to chat! Thanks for reading!


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