Saturday, March 4, 2017

Umbrae Tour Stop


Miri sat on a bench. The Old City was empty now. It was beautiful, but she knew she would have to find the address soon or else check into a hotel. While she was sitting, a sandy and white cat approached her and began to nudge her hand.
“Oh, hello kitty,” she said, petting her head. “I’m sorry I don’t have any food for you.”
Perhaps the cat would know where she needed to go. Concentrating on the silver charm that hung on a chain around her neck, Miri began to transform. The sandy cat watched, but didn’t seem surprised. Maybe it was true that there were shapeshifters in this ancient city.
“Shalom,” said the cat. “Welcome to Safed. Now that you are in a more pleasing form, maybe I can help you. I am Finny, what is your name and where do you come from?”
“Nice to meet you, Finny. I am Miri, and I come from America. Are you a shapeshifter?”
“Oh no, why would I possibly want another form other than this? Aren’t I beautiful?”
“You certainly are,” said Miri, suppressing a chuckle.
“So, what are you doing in our fair city?” asked the cat.
“I’m look for a rabbi. He lives on…” Miri tried to remember what had been on the scrap of paper that Lilith had given her. “Rechov Hakessem 7. Do you know where that is? I have asked several people, but no one seems to know.”
“Ah, well that’s the problem. You asked people, when really you should have known to ask a cat. We are, of course, the holders of all the best secrets.”
“You can take me there?”
“Of course, follow me.”

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