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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Umbrae Tour Stop


Miri sat on a bench. The Old City was empty now. It was beautiful, but she knew she would have to find the address soon or else check into a hotel. While she was sitting, a sandy and white cat approached her and began to nudge her hand.
“Oh, hello kitty,” she said, petting her head. “I’m sorry I don’t have any food for you.”
Perhaps the cat would know where she needed to go. Concentrating on the silver charm that hung on a chain around her neck, Miri began to transform. The sandy cat watched, but didn’t seem surprised. Maybe it was true that there were shapeshifters in this ancient city.
“Shalom,” said the cat. “Welcome to Safed. Now that you are in a more pleasing form, maybe I can help you. I am Finny, what is your name and where do you come from?”
“Nice to meet you, Finny. I am Miri, and I come from America. Are you a shapeshifter?”
“Oh no, why would I possibly want another form other than this? Aren’t I beautiful?”
“You certainly are,” said Miri, suppressing a chuckle.
“So, what are you doing in our fair city?” asked the cat.
“I’m look for a rabbi. He lives on…” Miri tried to remember what had been on the scrap of paper that Lilith had given her. “Rechov Hakessem 7. Do you know where that is? I have asked several people, but no one seems to know.”
“Ah, well that’s the problem. You asked people, when really you should have known to ask a cat. We are, of course, the holders of all the best secrets.”
“You can take me there?”
“Of course, follow me.”

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Chasing Kade by Anna Paige Cover Reveal

Chasing Kade (Thrill of the Chase, #1)

Release Date: March 17, 2017

There's no such thing as too much fun…
Incredibly, immeasurably, categorically false.
Try: It's all fun and games until someone ends up in the tabloids.

Kade Edenfield was rock royalty. If every rock god in history gathered for dinner, his seat would be at the head of the table. He was that good. His band was elevated to a level few ever reached, and he was having the time of his life.
Until one misstep too many landed him on the front page of every gossip rag around the globe, and the band's label decided to saddle them with a PR priss whose sole mission in life was to suck the fun right out of his.
He wanted her gone.
Until he realized he just plain wanted her.

Aubrey Taylor didn’t ask to be assigned to babysit a band full of troublemakers, but she wasn’t given a choice. Wanted or not, she intended to fix the mess they’d made. She’d do it quickly, efficiently, and then she’d get the hell out of there. Unfortunately, after meeting their openly hostile singer—the one with the notoriously menacing stare—it was clear she was in over her head. When Kade made a point to challenge her at every turn, unafraid of using intimidation to get her to back down, she found herself in even deeper trouble.
While she ‘officially’ resented and feared him, their power struggle secretly turned her on.
She desperately wanted to win their little standoff, but what was she supposed to do when she realized she wanted him even more? 

Kade Edenfield was a violent man. 
The whole world knew it, had heard the stories and seen the reports about the assault charge in Missouri last year. 
He was huge, and short-tempered, and he didn't like me one damn bit. 
Yeah, I was afraid of Kade Edenfield. And if that wasn't problem enough, he also turned me on. 
That menacing stare he was so known for? Yep, made my heart gallop like a racehorse.
The hard lines of his face, the steely set of his jaw, even the downward turn of his mouth when he argued with me today; it all made me hot. Embarrassingly hot. Unprofessionally hot. Pathetically hot. 
He was a far cry from my usual type, my last serious relationship—several years ago—having been with a rather boring accountant with no discernible sense of humor. Now, I was panting after music's most notorious bad boy. I must have lost my damn mind, and if I wasn't careful to hide the attraction, I'd lose my job too. Not that I would ever do anything about it, but it was definitely a problem I hadn't anticipated when I was given the assignment. I assumed I'd dislike him, and maybe I did, to a degree. But not all of me was afraid of him, and that was what worried me most. 

Author Bio: 
Anna Paige is the author of the Broken series; Broken Ground, Flawlessly Broken, and All the Broken Pieces, as well as the Thrill of the Chase series. The first TotC novel--Chasing Kade--is releasing in March.

She lives in a rural town in North Carolina where the only activity is the rhythmic color change of the solitary stoplight and a very real threat of being carried away by mosquitoes. The only alternative to terminal boredom is writing, making life interesting if only on the page. 
Anna is happily married, with one amazing son and a pair of hilarious pets. When she’s not writing, she’s trying to make a dent in her TBR pile. Given that she’s constantly adding new titles to the list, the chances of her ever finishing are slim. 

And she’s completely fine with that.
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